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Backup & Disaster


Private key plus double-blind encryption means your data in the cloud is protected and securely accessible.


$.02 per GB/month

• No Transaction Fees

• No Bandwidth Fees

• No Access Fess

• Dedicated Storage

• Dedicated Management Server

• Two Factor

• VMware, Hyper-V & Physical

• No Egress or API Requests Charges


Cloud Overview

At a high level, cloud backup providers fall into a few different camps. On one hand, you have those that store data in public clouds such as Amazon or Microsoft. On the other, you’ve got providers that maintain their own private cloud servers. Finally, there are a handful of companies that give you the choice of storing data in a public or a private cloud. When it comes to backup, there are pros and cons to each approach.

Private vs Public Cloud Backup

Private cloud backup vendors typically offer tech support as a part of their service. In contrast, if you run into a problem restoring data from the private cloud, you will likely be on the hook for tech support costs. Public cloud providers charge egress fees for transferring data in and out of their cloud. Backups in a private cloud get single vendor solution, so there’s no possibility for finger pointing between backup and cloud vendors. Plus, you are billed on a monthly basis (typically per seat), so costs are predictable. And, there are no data egress fees for restores.

Your Data is Safe

M3 takes security seriously. All data is stored in our secure datacenter with 24-hour staff, biometric security and redundant power. Our backup / replication solution is unique because your data is stored at a known location within driving distance. Unlike the competition your da

Our Goal is Security and Ease

Our goal is to keep your data safe while making the online backup and restore of your data easy. You do not need to know anything about encryption to know the data you backup online is safe. At the same time, you should be able to easily add an additional layer of privacy without making M3 private backup solution difficult to use.

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