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Wide-ranging experience with focused, core competencies means we understand your business and the challenges that come with it.



Keep Data Confidential and Stay in Compliance

Legal firms have very specific requirements for their computing systems including the management of large quantities of confidential client data which may include video testimonials and healthcare data. In addition, the up-time of certain key backbone applications is critical to the effective operations of the business.

M3 understands these concerns. We provide customized legal IT solutions that improve your use of technology while removing headaches. If you’re ready, we can enable you to smoothly transition to a cloud computing model that will provide you a more efficient way to run your practice where you gain flexibility, cost savings, streamlined operations, and secure environments.

Banking & Financial Services

Improve Security While Decreasing CAPEX and OPEX

Financial services firms must streamline business processes, improve the security of their data and systems, and maximize new technologies to both deliver services and protect their clients’ critical financial information. Strict data security and regulatory laws place an enormous burden on the financial industry and the demands on IT include increased program administration and escalating hardware and data storage costs. By outsourcing tactical IT functions to IT services companies, financial companies improve security and decrease capital and operating costs.


Meet the Latest Compliance Regulations as They Emerge

Having a fast, efficient, and secure IT environment is essential for manufacturers and distribution companies to connect with vendors and clients, as is having tight control over the critical supply chain solution. Businesses in these industries often have geographically separate facilities, so speed of communication, order accuracy, and time to market can all be improved using a virtual computing model. And of course, all systems must support 24x7x365 operations.


M3 makes it possible for manufacturers and distributors to focus on and invest in their products and distribution systems, and not spend precious resources trying to maintain and manage an agile and responsive IT network.

Engineering & Construction

Securely Store and Manage Large Amounts of Client Data

Engineering firms manage large amounts of proprietary client data. The up-time of backbone applications is critical to the effective operations of the business. Time is money. And critical application slowness or downtime cannot be tolerated.


M3 provides high levels of performance realization as well as application and data security for engineering firms. We address critical issues such as remote offices and personal off-network access, as well as the security of mobile devices.


Maximize the Return on Donations and Funding

Non-profit organizations and associations strive to stretch their donations in support of their members or charities for which they serve. Spending money on technology is never high on the priority list.


At the same time, attracting donors, sponsors, and volunteers requires the use of certain technologies as information must be kept secure and be available via mobile. For these reasons, it makes sense for non-profits to use IT managed services instead of building up their own internal IT team. With managed services, non-profits gain the IT infrastructure they need while meeting their budgetary constraints.


M3 makes it possible for non-profits to focus on their mission, and not waste any resources trying to maintain and manage an agile and responsive IT network on top of that. With managed services from M3, companies have a secure, stable, IT environment with 24x7x365 support.

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